Commercial solar panel install in Tilbury Essex


Green Energy Electrical have just completed another two commercial photovoltaic solar panel systems for customers in Tilbury, Essex.

One installation had 36 x 275W poly solar panels making a 9.9KW system. The other installation had 24 x 285W mono solar panels making a 6.84KW system.

With annual electricity production expected to exceed 13,000 kWh, the PV solar panels will be a huge benefit.

Commercial properties are ideal for solar panels. They have large roof spaces, which provide room for more panels, allowing maximum returns. Businesses with solar panels on their premises benefit from using the free electricity generated by the panels. This means they will use less electricity from the grid, resulting in lower energy bills. Government feed-in tariffs are still available for solar so they will also receive payments for every kWh produced and be able to sell excess energy back to the grid. With energy prices expected to rise higher and higher, solar panels provide a way to lessen the impact of increasing electricity costs. Solar panels will also reduce your carbon emissions, which is great for the environment.

For more information about commercial solar panels for your business, please click here.

Solar panels are not only advantageous to commercial properties.

You can also achieve the above benefits by installing them on your home. For more information about domestic solar panels for your house, please click here.

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As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, now is a great time to have your solar panels cleaned, ready for the summer when you can expect much more production.

Why allow dirty solar panels to hamper your production when they can be cleaned so easily?

Green Energy Electrical offer a cleaning service, using purified water, which will leave your solar panels free from the dust and dirt that can reduce exposure to sunlight.

We can also perform an electrical inspection to make sure everything is working as it should.

For more information click here or contact us on 01277 523220.

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There have been recent reports of poor solar PV system performance from owners who are concerned about their productivity

A quick look on the Met Office website presents a probable cause; 2015 was a fairly dreary year.

Although it started off well, with the first four months of the year seeing good amounts of sunshine, things turned in May. Sunshine was slightly below normal in many areas and the UK received 95% of average sunshine hours.

June saw an improvement but sunshine amounts were unremarkable generally in July, with a UK total amounting to 96% of average.

August sunshine amounts were mostly below normal, especially in the south with only around 70% in some locations.

September looked up, apart from in parts of Yorkshire where sunshine totals were slightly below average, before another drop in October. Sunshine in England was 91% of average, and it was a rather cloudy month for many southern and eastern areas.

In November many parts of the south and west had less than 50% of the normal sunshine amount. With just 64% of average sunshine, it was the dullest November in the UK since records began in 1929.

Similarly, in December there were only 73% of average hours of bright sunshine and it was the dullest December since 1989, being particularly dull in the west and south.

So what started off as a fairly bright year, ended as one of the dullest in a long time.

Solar PV system performance predictions are based on MCS guidelines and while installers take great care in providing a reliable estimate, they cannot predict the weather.

November 2016

Our local Village Hall at Highwood is one of the most eco-friendly buildings in Essex. Not only does it have 76 solar panels on its roof, but it was built using recycled materials, has an air source heat pump and solar thermal panels, is super insulated and harvests and recycles rain water from the roof.

In November 2016, one of the team here at Green Energy Electrical was passing the Village Hall and noticed that the solar panels were quite dirty and could do with a clean. On contacting them, we learned that the solar panels had not been cleaned since their installation in 2011.

Always keen to get involved with the local community, we arranged to carry out a free clean and electrical inspection of the Highwood Village Hall solar PV system.

If you have solar panels and it's been a while since you had them cleaned, it might be time for a wash. We will even inspect the electrics on your inverter. Visit our maintenance page or contact us on 01277 523220 for more information.

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Dirt on your solar panels can build up over time so it is important to have them cleaned every once in a while.

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Engineers from Green Energy Electrical cleaning the solar panels and performing electrical checks on the inverter.

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Very good experience.

Very good experience.

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The team were good, clean and excellent with all work carried out.

The team were good, clean and excellent with all work carried out. They also had excellent knowledge of system and how it works.
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